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The Take-A-Pew scheme was established as a Partnership between The Diocese of Herefordshire Churches, Herefordshire Council, and EnviroAbility.

EnviroAbility manages and facilitates the scheme.

The Partnership is of mutual benefit for the three parties based on:

  • Work experience and paid work activities for people with learning disabilities, and mental health issues. EnviroAbility provides skilled support for these people.

  • The donor Church receives a fair financial return for their pews, and benefits from the work carried out on their behalf by the other partners.

  • The Take-A-Pew scheme itself receives a fair financial return for their involvement.

  • All EnviroAbility revenues from the scheme are used for this, and other projects, allowing us to help more disadvantaged groups.

Everyone benefits, churches receive a good income, disadvantaged groups, and people with a learning disability, are provided with valued roles, that are rewarding, and enjoyable.

Email: info@enviroability.org.uk

Telephone: 01989 763388