About Us

About EnviroAbility

EnviroAbility provides people from disadvantaged groups with real work opportunities and experiences, that is both valued and visible to the larger community. We offer services that local people want, and that otherwise would not be available.

Individuals and groups, that are often marginalised, have become accepted and integrated, with their skills and self-esteem transformed by their involvement with EnviroAbility

We have established a structure that listens to, and enables people that use the service, to shape its growth and development.

We listen to the people we support, helping them to understand their own abilities, discover what they do best, and identify and develop their project or role.

How We Do It

We don’t come up with the projects and make people fit into them. We bring people on board, often with complex and varied needs, who may struggle to fit into roles with other organisations, and make the projects work for them.

EnviroAbility empowers: and puts people in contact to make things happen, helping them to realise that most things are achievable, all people are valued, and anyone can get involved.

There are always opportunities for people who wish to give as much, or as little, of their time and ability, to contribute.

Are you interested? Just get in touch…

Email: info@enviroability.org

Phone: 01989 763388