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Bright new livery for town's 'Can-do Crew'

The Ross on Wye Journal: 1st April 2009

Martin Neicho and James Murphy watch Dave Barclay, of Hereford Community Foundation, presenting the cheque to Antony Lowther, chairman of EnviroAbility, Dennis Humble with Jason Powell.
If you can't do it and you can't find anyone who can then call not the 'A-Team' but the 'Can-do Crew.'

Otherwise known as EnviroAbility, the charity's volunteers have been operating in town for ten years but without a highly visual identity. All this is about to change, thanks to a new 'Can-do Crew' logo.

Set up in 1999, the charity has ten years of involvement in projects designed for residents of Ross-on-Wye with green issues, and helps the volunteers, who are from disadvantaged groups, to make important contributions to the community.

Until now there has been no formal identity for the organisation but now a new van, proudly displaying the logo, can now be found on the streets of Ross. It is hoped that the new van and logo will help to advertise EnviroAbility so it can sell some of its services for a fee.

Chairman of the charity Antony Lowther said the 'Can-do Crew' just about says it all!

The van was brought with a grant from Advantage West Midlands and money from the European Social Fund will sponsor the first nine months running costs. Mr Lowther continued: "EnviroAbility now needs to look at projects that still provide opportunities to involve people that need some assistance but that have some of the costs met by contracting out our services. Not a donation, but fair and square payment for actual services provided for jobs that need to be done. You name it and the Can-do Crew could do it! From footpath maintenance to keeping car parks and gardens around factories and pubs looking good; minor repairs and even the odd dog-walking. Consider it; you could get a good job done and be recognized for supporting a sound social initiative," he added. "We are also talking to many other groups to ensure the maximum value for money of all the resources at our disposal." He said the charity still intended to be the "glue in the community that turns good ideas into reality." The three criteria any project idea needs to meet is: that it is good for the community; that it is environmentally sound and it must embrace people from disadvantaged groups.