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Activity began with an initiative to help local people with learning disabilities find meaningful work and to improve their image in the community.

Dennis Humble, who holds a joint appointment as a Resource Manager for Social Services and General Manager of the company EnviroAbility said, 'The service users enthusiasm and energy around town has been infectious and stimulated the involvement of local people.

This energy has lead to the development of the charity/not-for-profit company called EnviroAbility, which is truly a town-owned initiative.

As you read through the projects we are currently undertaking, it is interesting to note that most of these were initiated by suggestions from members of the public. The projects we run involve the local community - without their participation none of the projects could happen! In particular those who for no fault of their own are in some way excluded from full participation helping them take a role in improving the environment. Thank you!

There are always opportunities for people to get involved and give a little of their time and ability to contribute to the environment. GO ON GIVE AN HOUR!

Ring EnviroAbility on 01989 768273 and ask for Dennis.

EnviroAbility services & projects are all run in partnership with Herefordshire Council.