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ReBox Collection EnviroAbility has operated kerbside collection schemes for paper recycling in Ross-on-Wye for many years. In April 2004, we launched the Re-Box scheme in partnership with WCR Ltd, a commercial recycling company and Herefordshire Council. This partnership has enabled us to collect a wider range of recyclables (inc. paper, cans, glass and textiles), service a greater number of houses in Ross-on-Wye and surrounding areas and collect greater volumes of recyclable materials (140 tonnes per month - 89% more than under the old scheme).

The three Re's in our logo design stand for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, and Re-Box has delivered recycling information and our distinctive blue recycling boxes to every home in Ross-on-Wye. The public have taken this scheme to their hearts, giving us widespread support, much of which can be attributed to our highly visible volunteers who operate the service on the streets of the town.

Volunteer With Re-Box Logo

Rural Initiative

Re-Box recently embarked on a rural initiative that offers more services than even the most optimistic of our group could have imagined. The new services provide the operators with a variety of opportunities to work and be seen by the local communities of their own rural villages. The rural rounds initially collected from 900 households increasing to over 4000 by summer 2005.

Our kerbside collection also generates income, which has enabled us to employ four full-time workers who had previously worked as volunteers on the scheme.

Industrial collection

EnviroAbility also maintains a strong community presence, especially through our door-to-door collection service, that is made on foot using the ex-post Office trolleys. This kerbside collection service is now called Industrial Collection, since the majority of the collections are from offices and factory units. Foot-based collection is about the most environmentally friendly way to make recyclable material collections, with additional health benefits for our volunteers!