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A Church

Many churches are going through a transformation process including creating more flexible space for church activities and use by community groups etc., which often involves replacing church pews with new stackable seating.  We can solve the dilemma of what to do with your unwanted pews, and help you raise some cash too. Take-A-Pew shortens and refurbishes pews for sale to the public as household furniture.

We will assess your pews and advise on price and the best means of disposal.  Often this will involve a church Open Day to promote the pews locally, and we can refurbish and shorten one of your pews for display as an example of what can be done.

Removing A Pew Our team will remove the pews from the church, process them to the purchaser's requirements in our workshops, and arrange delivery to the customer.

The Take-A-Pew team includes adults from disadvantaged groups and people with disabilities who are trained and competent in the skills required to process pews.  Opportunities are also provided for a number of people disadvantaged in the job market, to improve their confidence and self esteem.

Pews Outside Of Church
The project is available for any church to use, and there is no cost as all expenses of the project are met through the proceeds of pew sales.

Income and expenditure are accounted for on a church-by-church basis, with the proceeds of sale shared equally between the donor church and Take-A-Pew, after costs have been met.

Please contact us for more information.