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Cutting A Pew Take-A-Pew is a unique church pew recycling service based in Herefordshire.  If you represent a church looking to dispose of redundant pews, we can help you, and raise some cash too.  If you are looking for a unique piece of antique furniture, adapted to fit your home, we have many styles to offer you, each one a little bit of history!

The Take-A-Pew scheme was established as a Partnership between The Diocese of Herefordshire Churches, Herefordshire Council Social Services, and EnviroAbility which manages and facilitates the scheme.

The workforce includes adults from disadvantaged groups and people with disabilities who are trained and competent in the skills required to process pews.

Finishing A Pew

The basis of the Partnership is that of mutual benefit for the three parties based on:

A Finished Pew Income and expenditure are accounted for on a church-by-church basis, with the proceeds of sale shared equally between the donor church and Take-A-Pew, after costs have been met.

In this way, everyone is a winner, churches receive a good income, disadvantaged groups and people with a learning disability are given worthwhile, rewarding and enjoyable work and activity in refurbishing the pews and EnviroAbility is able to maintain the scheme and pursue it's charitable objectives.