About EnviroAbility

EnviroAbility Limited is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and is registered in England and Wales with registered number 3798789 and registered charity number 1076428.

EnviroAbility was established as a charity and not-for-profit company in 1999, although it has been carrying out its work in various guises since 1993.  Our primary aims and objectives are to provide and promote projects, which benefit disadvantaged groups of people, the community and the environment. We set-up and manage projects that integrate people with learning disabilities into the community by providing real work opportunities and experiences that are both valuable and visible to the larger community.  We offer services that local people want and that otherwise would not be available.

Can Do Crews New Van
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EnviroAbility has been heading down the road of enabling for over ten years.  At this point we are never sure whether it is our inability to find the right explanation of the process used, or what has been achieved is so simple, yet out of the ordinary, that people need to come and have a look for themselves to see how it has worked. We have established a structure that listened to and enabled people that used the service to shape its growth and development.  We have developed our own concept of what nowadays is referred to as Circles of Support: However, our version thought ahead and, for example, drew onboard potential employers as part of the process of developing valued roles.  Indeed they, and the general public, are behind the initiatives that have lead to opportunities for full employment.

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EnviroAbility empowers and puts people in contact to make things happen.  We link and enable people and groups, helping them to realise that most things are achievable, and trying to infect people with the enthusiasm to become involved. We would very much like to see ourselves as a vibrant collection of individuals working together towards a more integrated cohesive community where all people are valued and anyone can get involved. There are always opportunities for people to get involved and give a little of their time and ability to contribute.



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